About Us


Our mission

Connecting people all over the world. Bringing talent together. Spurring business and helping companies grow. Adding value to the experiences of our customers by inspiring them. Giving them the confidence to go global, quickly and intelligently. That’s our goal. For the company that wants to boost its business and is seeking a strategic partner. For the company that could use valuable advice during its search for a new market, new research, and new plan. After all, international business is becoming more and more lucrative by the day and you don’t want to miss out.


How do we stand out from the rest?

Fast Bloomers offers customized international business consultancy. We set ourselves apart from the Big 5 through our personal coaching experience as trusted advisors. We work closely with you throughout the entire process because we strongly believe in the power of teamwork to achieve the best results. We are young, dynamic and adventurous. We don’t just want to explore the world – we want to understand it. For us, borders don’t exist. We listen to your aspirations and do everything we can to help you fly.


The story behind Fast Bloomers

Charlotte, the very first Fast Bloomer, ventured to Central America with just her backpack when she was merely 20 years old, all in search of adventure. Stirred by this international experience, she decided to follow her passion and started studying International Business Management in Toulouse, Barcelona and Berlin. Five years later,  this passion has taken the shape of Fast Bloomers.