Taking off with a smile

Taking off with a smile

Picture this: you clamber out of bed at an ungodly hour, drudge to a crowded airport (or platform), spend at least an hour getting through ticket and check-in formalities, and sit through the entire journey with a pounding headache. Then finally, after what seems like ages, you’re there. But… you’re exhausted, cranky, possibly a bit disoriented and the last thing you actually want to do is work. Uh oh!

Unfortunately, as many of us professionals know all too well, the scenario described above isn’t totally fictitious. So, if you travel for work quite often, or have a looming trip on the horizon, check out the following tried-and-tested tips that are sure to make travelling for business a more pleasant experience.

Travel light

If there were golden rules in the world of travelling, this would surely be ours. Be prudent and don’t get bogged down by stuff you probably will not need – it’ll tire you out for no reason.

Also, this way, you can simply avoid the annoyance of checking in luggage (if you’ve ever lost your bag, you know what we’re talking about). Travel can be so unpredictable. If you haven’t checked bags in, you’ll be in a much better position to deal with any itinerary changes that come your way. We know how tempting it is to stuff those extra outfits into the suitcase, but just trust us on this one! You’ll thank us later.

Don’t cut it too close

Have an important meeting in the afternoon and planning to fly in that very morning? Bad idea! We can’t even begin to tell you how many disastrous situations we’ve found ourselves in because of such planning. Sure, it ends up working a lot of time, but the extreme anxiety that comes with close calls is simply not worth it.

It may cost you a bit more, but try to fly in the night before. That way, you’ll be the best version of yourself – and not a frazzled imitation – when you get to your work commitments.

Carve out some downtime

Honestly speaking, this is crucial. You’re a human being, not a machine, and the sooner you realize that, the better! If you want business travel to be a pleasant experience, take some time out to relax. We’re not saying you should spend entire days sight-seeing … but sometimes, even an hour of well-deserved merrymaking can make all the difference. So, treat yourself to that fancy dessert. Watch that movie. Make use of that spa. Just remember, no one wants to deal with a burn out.

Try not to eat alone

This might seem like an weird tip to some of you, but hear us out. Eating with company has two advantages: firstly, you never know what business connection you’ll form and where that breakfast conversation will lead; and secondly, there’s nothing better to curb those travel blues than bidding that meal-time loneliness goodbye. Everyone must eat, so why not make those lunches and dinners a bit more memorable, if nothing else? So, stop scarfing down your food, get up, and join that other lone professional (or two).

Technology for the win

This is probably the only time you’ll hear us exclaiming that screen-time isn’t that bad (but let’s not say this in front of the kids)! To make your trip more pleasant and efficient, you really must make sure your tech arsenal is all set. Noise cancelling headphones ready? Chargers and USB sticks in good order? Camera packed? Phone, tablet, and laptop batteries full? If so, you’re ready to go.

Oh wait, don’t forget to shell out a bit for international cellphone coverage, reliable Wi-Fi and lots of data. After all, smooth communication is key in business… and life!


Shalom, Israel!

Shalom, Israel!