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Marketing Intern

Do we need somebody to do our laundry, get our coffee (lot’s of milk, no sugar)...? No.

Because we need YOU! An internship in our team means hard work and responsibility. Getting your hands dirty so you can learn as much as possible. We’re looking for someone smart and hands-on, who’s really passionate about marketing and wants to learn. Fast.

Are you the one that gets bored in class cause you’ve already figured it all out during the first 5mins?

Is social media totally and completely your thing - cause surely you’ve experimented with optimal times to get as many likes on your posts as possible.

Business Development Internship

Join Fast Bloomers as a Business Development Intern to build up a wide range of experience, knowledge and network and play a major part in the company‘s global growth.

Get the opportunity to excel in generating highly qualified sales leads, collaborate strategically with management to identify, research and target the right companies and have a huge impact on Fast Bloomers’ growth.